Yacht Charter French Riviera

Yacht Charter French Riviera

The Côte d’Azur is a region famous for its unique landscape and exceptional climate. Many travelers choose this destination for discovery, to relax or to spend pleasant moments at sea. Indeed, the Côte d’Azur hosts the most prestigious coastal cities of Europe passionately cultivating the universe yachting, find out more: https://www.ss-delphine.fr/en/. In cities such as Nice and Monaco, you will often see many luxury yachts moored on the docks. But you do not have to be the owner to discover the pleasure of sailing at sea on a luxury boat. This is the beauty of the French Riviera yacht charter concept. More specifically, this is a luxury boat rental service to sail on the seas of the Mediterranean. A tailor-made service of which you will decide the size of the yacht, the number of crews, the food and the drinks that you will have on board. The boat can be rented with a captain who will take care of your cruise or it can be piloted by you if you have the required license. However, the yacht charter service French Riviera is not only planned for trips at sea, you can also request the service to organize an evening or just to enjoy the sun on the sea. The rental can then be done by the day , to the week or even to the month if you have planned to make a long cruise.

Destinations in Southern Europe

By renting a large yacht, you can start long trips by choosing the most important destinations in Southern Europe. The first destination that many travelers love to discover in southern Europe is undoubtedly Croatia with its sublime landscapes. This country will surprise you with its culture and its exceptional historical wealth. Then there is Andalusia which invites you to immerse yourself in a warm and very picturesque culture. Here, you will spend your days enjoying good food, enjoying the good moments of life by dancing flamenco and discovering a fascinating tradition. A dream destination for families and for sun lovers. In Andalusia, you can take the rivers Guadalquivir and Guadiana, two rivers linked by a maritime connection, to discover marvelous white sand beaches and intriguing deserts. And of course, when you opt for the charter yacht French Riviera, there is a visit to Venice, which is undeniably the most romantic destination in all of Europe. This city built on the water has the unique ability to cause astonishment at every corner with its monuments, palaces and multiple channels. Each alley has a story to tell as the city has a natural opera setting. To consult the prices of the various cruises that you will be able to carry out in the south of Europe, navigate on a specialized site.

Water activities at sea

On a yacht, you will not be limited to just drinking champagne or tanning on the deck. You can fully indulge in the pleasure of water sports. Larger vessels can have ski jets in their hold allowing you to enjoy the speed on the high seas. Discover the seabed by practicing scuba diving this by receiving a few minutes of training. Not to mention water skiing, kite surfing, paddle or wake boarding. A whole range of activities that will be one of the best memories of your trip at sea. The water activities at sea that you can practice are so many that you can choose the one that attracts you the most. Aside from these activities, your yacht can also have a wellness area such as a spa or a gym. You will never be bored aboard a luxury boat. If the piloting of the boat is an area that arouses your curiosity, your captain can give you some introductory lessons by giving you the basics of sailing at sea. If it’s a real passion for you, do not forget that you You can also opt for sailing boat hire.

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