Water Sport 06

Water Sport 06

The summer holidays are the perfect excuse to indulge in water sports 06. During the summer, many holidaymakers from all over the world choose to come to Nice to enjoy the countless water activities that will be found on its beaches. its docks. But the hinterland also reserves very good activities for the more adventurous. In short, everyone finds his account in the aquatic sport 06. Young and old will then meet on the beaches for paddle and sea kayaking along the coast or to take water aerobics classes in some institutions. Those seeking a little adrenaline will be happy to practice parasailing, water skiing, wake boarding, fly fish, towed buoy or flyboard. In the mountains, the most courageous can indulge in canoeing down the most beautiful rivers of the Southern Alps and the French Riviera. You can also go rafting or simply enjoy a relaxing day in the water. Not to mention the famous via-ferrata, a relatively recent activity that makes a very good feeling among water lovers. This is a hike on rock face over water that young and old can practice for a period of 2 to 3 hours. To spend an unforgettable holiday, there is nothing better than to practice a water sport 06. To know the sport that you would like to practice, do not hesitate to navigate on the specialized sites.

First dive

Diving baptism is an activity to try absolutely as it is open to all. This adventure involves diving under the sea in shallow water to discover marine life. This activity requires no experience except of course that it will be necessary to know how to swim to practice it more comfortably. You will explore the seabed with fun safely thanks to quality materials that will help you breathe underwater. An instructor will share the experience with you to assist you and make your dive more enjoyable and effortless. Even with very basic notions of swimming you will have no problem in diving. The underwater adventure lasts about 2 hours. Aside from the dive bottle, you’ll be equipped with a combination that will protect your entire body and fins for easy movement. To use your equipment properly, your instructor will provide you with precise instructions while explaining to you how to dive and how to behave in a marine environment. You will then gradually get used to the experience by starting small. For 2 hours, you will discover the pleasure of swimming underwater by swimming with schools of fish. At the end of the dive, you will receive a certificate of baptism that will serve as a souvenir but may also be requested during your next dives before taking training. This activity is practiced from 8 years old.

Jet ski ride

The jet ski is like a motorcycle of the seas that you can ride with or without a license. A jet ski hike is a safe ride that will offer you wonderful sensations. Beginners and drivers without a license will find themselves riding a 100-hp jet ski accompanied by an instructor. They will receive training on gear control and safety at sea before departure. That said, they will have to complete the course always accompanied by the monitor. Confirmed pilots, that is to say, those who are licensed, will be able to complete the course on their own or to transport a person of their choice on a more powerful jet ski. Of course, the prices of the different categories will not be the same. In any case, the adventure turns out to be exciting and each passage will be unforgettable memories. Ideal sea conditions will allow you to run at full speed for exceptional sensations. To make your trek safely, you will be equipped with a suit and approved vest. For an exceptional holiday, do not hesitate to rent ski jets.

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