Small Luxury Yacht

Small Luxury Yacht

Nowadays, it has become very fashionable to spend a summer holiday on a boat. This is perfectly normal because life aboard a boat is all that is pleasant. At the same time hectic, adventurous and relaxing, the boat experience makes you discover quite unique sensations, find out more: A boat cruise can satisfy both sports fans and people who want to indulge in luxury and comfort. To adopt this fascinating way of life, you can opt for a small luxury yacht. Given the very elite price of large ships, you have the opportunity to sail on the seas at a fair price while enjoying the quality of the equipment of prestigious boats. Of course, you can have your crew that will consist of a captain, a chef, sailors and hostess. The management of your ship can be supported by a professional to let you fully enjoy your boat without taking care of anything else. Indeed, the administrative part is somewhat complex requiring some expertise to better manage the use of your boat. These include its maintenance, crew management and the necessary documents for navigation. To live a dream vacation, do not hesitate to visit the specialized sites to find your little luxury yacht.

Van Dutch boats

The Van Dutch Brand is considered in yachting as one of the most influential names with its pioneering technology. For its history, at the beginning the brand had the challenge of building boats as light as resistant, fast and especially economic. For this, the use of major technologies was appropriate. The brand is well known for its exceptional finish quality and the exemplary performance of its boats both in power and fuel consumption. Van Dutch boats stand out by their quick acceleration and their ability to turn short. A yacht of the brand can then easily reach the 40 nodes with an unprecedented mechanical technology. Driving this type of boat is pure bliss and is of a disconcerting ease with its forward and aft thrusters. In terms of design and equipment, the style of the boats of the brand imposes just the respect in the world of the boating with the intelligence of their underwater structure, their level of exceptional comfort not to mention the hull which does not type and which does not wet not. The piloting of these boats remains very friendly even at high speed with a huge cockpit protected by a large windshield. The interior of the boats simply promotes excellence with luxurious furnishings and the use of high-end materials and equipment. In the small luxury yacht category, the brand Van Dutch is a big size to consider for an acquisition project.

Riva boats

Riva boats are not just boats, they are testimonies of an art of living and sailing. A brand that no longer has to be redone in the world of yachting, known to arouse the interest of the greatest personalities of this world. The most mythical models can be recognized by a varnished mahogany shell with chrome trim, two engines and two seats. The modern Riva Yachts are luxury docks, considered as floating art objects always combining cutting-edge technology and exceptional design. The legendary signature of the Italian brand, however, is paying a heavy price but it is a real gem for enthusiasts. However, you will be able to find used models on some specialized sites to discover the beauty and astonishing performance of the boats of the brand. To discover the joy of life at sea, indulge yourself by acquiring a yacht of the brand Riva. Myth of Italian luxury on the sea, you will be delighted to fly a Riva. To discover the brand’s models of boats on the market, you can browse specialized sites or approach a professional in luxury yacht sales. The latter can give you very good acquisition advice.

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