Skippered sailboat charter

Skippered sailboat charter

One feels a pure sense of pleasure when boarding a boat, even if it is still docked at its dock. One feels directly on board a sense of freedom and a deep desire to explore other horizons. Today, the pleasure of cruising at sea is no longer reserved for the billionaire or those who have a boat license. It is a dream now accessible thanks to the skippered sailboat rental. It is therefore not necessary to purchase a sailboat to experience the fabulous experience of sailing on the seas. This type of service has the principle of making a sailboat available to an individual who wishes to start a cruise at sea. If the latter does not have the license required to maneuver the boat itself, the service is accompanied by the presence of a captain who will take charge of steering the boat. The boat can then be rented by the day, the week or the month depending on the duration of the cruise. The skippered sailboat rental is a service for families, couples or a group of friends who dreams of making an exceptional vacation. According to the provider, you can have some more on the boat to know the aperitif, champagne offered or breakfast. In any case, it is a service that invites enthusiasts and neophytes to make a boat trip in the most economical way.

Catamaran ride

A catamaran ride is an authentic sea trip that must be absolutely tried. This fabulous trip invites you to discover wonderful coves or islands near your departure platform. If you do not have the required license to take the helm of the catamaran, you only need to make a skippered boat rental to start your cruise with confidence. Your captain will take the best routes to get to where you want to go. You can stop on the white sand beaches for a swim, have lunch on the boat, sunbathe on the deck or go snorkelling by renting the necessary equipment. An unforgettable experience in perspective. This service is then in the form of customized service because the walk will be according to your desires and your budget. The provider can then offer you different destinations whose price will vary according to the distance of the trip. Of course, the captain’s service will be included in the price. You can also take the opportunity to ask your captain to give you some concepts in shipping to start adopting this passion. Depending on his mood, he can pass the bar and let you taste the catamaran. To get an idea of ​​the rates for this service, you only have to visit the specialized sites or the sites of the individuals proposing the hiring of their boat.

Discover the speed boat

To have thrills at sea, discover the speed boat. More specifically, it is a motorized boat designed to be exceptionally fast. This type of boat can accommodate from 2 to 6 passengers depending on the model. The boat can then easily reach 150 km / h on the sea, enough to make you visit the coastline very quickly. The boat trip is then brief but very intense, giving you the urge to start over again. While boarding the boat, leave your sunglasses and your cap at the risk of seeing them fly away at the first gasp. It is an experience to share with a loved one, friends or your chosen one of your heart to create unforgettable memories. If you like thrills, you’ll surely enjoy a speed boat ride with extreme acceleration, thrilling braking and drifting at sea by experienced pilots. You can then request the service at any time of the day. However, as this is a popular activity, it is best to book your trip in advance on a provider’s website. Between Russian mountain, race car and sea navigation, the speed boat is a unique experience to try whether you are passionate about sea navigation or not.

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