Driving a jet ski: the rules

If you wish to do a jet ski session and therefore be able to drive a jet ski, then you must have a coastal licensing vessel for any equipment whose electricity exceeds 6 HP. More information at https://www.yachtsidegroup.com/. After the age of 16, you can register for the coastal licence. If you do not have a boat license and do not want to be in the near future, you have two options for jet skiing: either rent a jet ski and sit behind someone who has the license and can drive the water scooter, take a ride with a qualified instructor.

Precautions to take when driving a jet ski

Before learning to jet ski, there are certain conditions and precautions to take into account. Thereafter, safety measures must be taken to prevent all risks. You must wear a suit specially designed for this function, wear a life jacket and be accompanied by a competent and experienced instructor in the field. If you are a beginner and want to learn jet skiing, do not do it alone, as it is too unsafe and strongly discouraged. A single person can go up to two nautical miles from a shelter, or about 3.5 km. If you are accompanied, it is possible to move up to 6 nautical miles outside a refuge. Finally, you must be equipped with the appropriate safety equipment for each sea excursion, such as a life jacket and a light to be seen and rescued if necessary. If you wish to buy a boat, discover on internet luxury yacht for sale with a place for a jet ski.

Boat license to drive a jet ski

Sea motorcycles or scooters are part of a personal watercraft. If the water scooter or bicycle has an engine of more than 6 horses, you must hold a coastal license. Water scooters and motorcycles over 4 HP are not priority vehicles and must respect the principles of navigation, among others, to give priority to additional motorboats. For a scooter under 6hp: the driver just needs to have the sea map. Water scooters can be driven from the age of 16. The student will then have to pass theoretical and practical tests in order to breathe freely.

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